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...for the emerging sovereign State of New Biafra

Radical Islam and the Left:
Why is the left all of sudden turning on Obama and in fact abandoning him? Piers Morgan, former CNN anchorman and a big liberal is the latest to jump off the Obama boat.

Leon Panetta also ditched the president on his foreign policy especially when it comes to ISIS.

It looks like the left have begun to understand that the first job of every American president is to defend the American people from both foreign and domestic enemies. Brother man Obama is weak, very weak in the anticipation.
Dutch politician Geert Wilders made this short film about islam and was put on trial for telling the truth.It seems the Dutch government would rather prosecute one of its own citizens concerned about the islamisation of the Netherlands than tell muslims to integrate or leave.
If you're a non-Muslim nation or like the SESS Christian nations of Nigeria, which have the Judeo=Christian worldview, Hammond rule dictates that you keep your Muslim population under 5% total. Read on...
Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity 
BILL MAHER: I saw Howard Dean on TV the other day and he said something along the order, he said the people in ISIS -- he said I'm about as Islamic as they are, you know, distancing the vast numbers of Islamic people around the world from them. That's just not true.
Various Islamic leaders, preachers and citizens state their end goal of world domination, through the means of infiltration, immigration and violent jihadist terrorism, in order to subjugate unbelievers and consolidate their power.

Muslim Leaders Declare Aim Of World Domination.