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...for the emerging sovereign State of New Biafra

 Our mascot, the Canary is a delicate beautiful bird. The choice of this bird, is an allusion to the caged canaries that miners would carry down into the shafts with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide start leaking into the mine-shaft, the Canary will alert the miners in the shaft, by becoming sick. I learned about it growing up in Enugu, the Coal capital of Nigeria. The Canary is our early warning system 



                       Thank you everyone for visiting this new website. We wish to encourage you to come  back and visit often. We admit that we are not a cute website. Nigeria is replete with violence, so this website is designed to show case Nigeria in its true colors. We are designed to jar the sensibilities of Eastern Nigeria Christians to full alert. We are not a news aggregator, neither are we a web portal that mirrors Nigerian news to the world. We have opinions, and a heck of a lot of opinions. 

One important help you can give us, is to tell the world about this website. Spread the word to the world. Tell the world about the captive Christian nations living in SESS Nigeria, that have been forced into slavery by Muslim Nigeria. This is what this website is all about. It is not necessarily intended for the Nigeria audience, it is for the audience of the world outside Nigeria. It is for all nations with the Judeo-Christian worldview. This is the time to have this conversation.

Our purpose is twofold. The first order of business is to expose the dark, grungy underbelly of Nigeria. We're concerned about the infanticide, the massacres, the bombings, and the beheadings and would present it to the world. Our job is to bring the awful screams of dying babies and gargle groans of dying mothers, to the ears and eyes of the sympathetic world outside Nigeria

Our second duty is to wake up the sleeping politicians of the South Eastern states of Nigeria. We are bound to put their feet to the fire. We hope to shame them into realizing they are Christians in hope they become self-aware. Self realization, self-awareness is the first step in a journey of a thousand miles. When the East becomes self-aware, sees itself as different, they would become even more aware of the ultimate power in their hands. 

Oil is ephemeral. It is here today and gone tomorrow. It is estimated that the age of the hydrocarbon is fast approaching, as America, EU and South America could become oil independent in 20 years. What would SESS tell their coming generations, about how their lands and water ways were poisoned and destroyed by the OIL that built Abuja, Lagos and all Muslim Nigeria. The powers that be, that defeated us in the Biafran war, kicked the owners of the Oil to the curb, stole their Oil, and gave them nothing but the finger. We had to make do with just 13%, instead of 85%. SESS would have nothing to show their children that they once had oil. Nothing. Our future generations are not going to be too happy the way we are carrying on. That both northern and western Muslims subdued us,  dominated us, intimidated us and took our region with vast OIL & COAL reserves, is not going to wash with these children and their own children. It will be the biggest shame of the 20th century. No nation with the vast quantity of Oil reserves in SESS, would allow itself to be intimidated, unless they are pygmies. We own the yam barn, we have the knife in our hands. East should control, manage and intimidate the rest of Nigeria, not the other way around. When the future generations of children of the old Eastern Nigeria, why it was we had OIL but remained we'd better start thinking now of what to tell them.

No Easterner should ever be caught asleep as hungry lions prowl the outside perimeters of their homes region. No nation ought to be run as Nigeria either. Nigeria is like a game reserve; predators and carnivores intimidate and kill skittish herbivores. Lions chase and eat antelopes every day in Nigeria. Christians get decapitated, knifed, shot and get bombed out in their own churches. Christian children and women get bludgeoned to death, with their heads split wide open. Yet, we Eastern Christians pretend we heard nothing, saw nothing and say nothing.

 When are we going to say to Nigeria that enough is enough? When will it be the time to recognize that every murdered Christian is our, brother and constituent? When is it time for us to look inward and see ourselves as Christians? Our organization hopes to force or shame our politicians to recognize themselves as culturally, religiously, economically and spiritually different from Muslim Nigeria. In our Judeo-Christian worldview, it is morally wrong to be unequally yoked with Muslims. The East must understand that the Nigerian marriage will never work. Period.

South Eastern Christians and Muslim Nigeria live in a  parallax world. We both came from two different worlds, and opposing ideologies. Nigeria is not a Democracy, and never will be. Sharia and Judeo-Christian Democracy do not mix. There is a huge deep gorge separating our peoples. But this unbridgeable chasm has been papered over by the powers that be. That is why we each, look at the same issue and see it and interpret it completely differently. We do not have the same set of laws, and therefore do not agree on how to police Nigeria. Our religions are entirely different, and explode into violence when ever, where ever. Our concept of education is radically different. We are not being educated the same way equally. The Christians educate their women, Muslims marry them 4-1, with very minimal education. The core north does do not see their women folk,  the same way the Christians do. We do not look at Child marriage the same way. Yet people are dying in large numbers by bombs, AK47s, decapitations, burning and mayhem. If this is not a byzantine feudal empire, please what is Nigeria?

The longer SESS stay in the latrine, the longer we smell like shit. 

Our organization is NON-VIOLENT organization and would endeavor to be perceived and characterized as such. We're entirely in the mode of our saintly fighter- the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Non-Violence is method of fighting by Christians, and it completely dovetails with our Judeo-Christian principles and ethics. In the coming non-violent marches and protests, we hope do demonstrate that our enemies - the Muslims will not understand where we are coming from. The struggle will distinguish the Christians/non-Muslims from our Sharia Islamists. We are going to throw a curve ball (as Americans say) to Muslims Nigeria. They would be at a loss as how to respond. They'd not know what to make of it. They would not understand it, since it isn't their modus operandi, Muslims believe in massive bloodletting, decapitations, AK47s, in bombings. The Christian East will walk away from Muslim Nigeria without having to fire a shot.

When 50 million Christian Easterners get together as one, and 50 million voices chant as one, 100 million feet march as one, it will shake the earth, and the world will hear our voices. Then, the sun will begin to peep over the hills and over the tall iroko trees, to smile at us as it showers us with its majesty, richness and glory. We'd be on our way to becoming free from Muslim Nigeria. Our promised land awaits. The East Nigeria must become free.  

Before long, gone will be the days when the Dangotes, the Alakijas, the Otedolas, the Adenugas and the Lawals will milk our cows, take the milk and give us the finger. We will concentrate on developing the East and building the first Dubai of Africa in ten years maximum. We have the people, the education and God-given wealth to do so. We in the non-violent change will partner with our people and point them to the way to the promised land.  Africans have a hard time conceptualizing the future and change. We'd do our best to provide the picture, vivid, alluring and magnificent

Help us spread the news, join the non-violent separation forum. From President Obama's administration to the Hollywood giants, from American Christian Churches to the computer billionaires, let them know that mixing SHARIA and DEMOCRACY don't and will never work. It hasn't worked out too well with us in Nigeria either. And will never work well together in any nation. We want to exit out of Nigeria without trouble. As Eastern Nigeria Christians, we need the help of western democracies, to walk away from Muslims without the need to fire a shot. We'll resist Islamization, we will resist becoming the slave of fellow back Muslims. We have our angels and guardians, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi directing us each step of the way.

Part of our job is to promote a certain set of concepts, principles,  ideology, religion, law and culture that will present us decidedly different from Muslim Nigeria. You may not agree with us on all things, or even agree us about the way we say it, but you cannot deny we have introduced an eastern-centric winkle in the fabric of our information on Nigeria,.

The Igbo, the Efik, the Ibibio, the Ogoni, and the Ijaw are NOT going anywhere either. We can only swim or sink together. The sooner we know that there are lions outside the perimeter of our region, the sooner we'll wake up to our responsibilities. Thank you.

by Azubike Ekwueme

Nigeria is Unsustainable: 
Wake Up the Sleeping SE.SS Nations
For those Nigerians who always are in denial mode about genocide in Biafra, what do you have to say now? For those Nigerians who beat their chests that it was Nigeria that defeated the Biafran forces, this is your chance to know who actually brought Biafra down. Voices of the operators in that theatre of war then, are shining formidable light to illuminate the darkest days of the war. Arguing until our mouths melt is not going to do any good. Just listen to the people, white men, Christians and non Christians who walked the gauntlet to tell us what actually did happened. The jury is out. Period! 

 by Azubike Ekwueme
If you've ever wondered why Nigeria remained unaffected by the virulent Soviet Socialist propaganda ideology of the 1960s, up to today, then look no further. This video gives you the reason. The late Prime Minister of Nigeria, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (who was also killed in the 1966 coup), was a dedicated Muslim who did not like the word non-aligned. So, he worked hard to keep Nigeria out of the Capitalist nations, out of the Socialist nations, and even out of Non-aligned nations as well. 

If capitalism or socialism were a hard sell for Africans, Nigeria could have at least joined the Non-Aligned nations like India or Brazil. What Abubakar Tafawa Balewa did amounted to putting Nigeria in a cocoon, to protect it from western ideology and influence. So, Nigeria became oblivious to the political wind, and new radical ideologies buffeting West Africa. Many west African nations dabbled in socialism. Awolowo's free education, was the closest social idea we ever came to.

 Meanwhile, as the world shivered in the Cold War of ideology, Nigeria did not participate in any of those radical experimentation. Prime minister Tafawa Balewa denied Nigeria the chance to become involved in either the Capitalist or the Socialist ideologies, that have created the social and economic world as we know it today. 

The late Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa did not want Nigeria to be either in the Capitalist Camp nor in the Socialist Camp, and not even in the Non-aligned Camp. He preferred the fourth type of ideology - the religious kind. He preferred we all become Muslims. Isn't this why nothing works in Nigeria today? We eventually ended up in OIC, the Organization of Islamic Countries. Well, it has worked out well for the Christian of Eastern Nigerians, or has it?

by Azubike Ekwueme
Why Nigeria Could Not Have National Ideology
The late Sarduana of Sokoto was the leader of the entire Nigeria Muslim Ummah, until he was killed in the 1966 coup. We have him recorded in his own words. This interview was held sometime after 1952, at about the same time in 1956, when the first mayor of Enugu, the capital city of the old Eastern Nigeria was a Muslim Fulani man, Mallam Umaru Altine, a trusted relative of Sarduana of Sokoto.  

Now get this, as the then Eastern region was installing a Muslim Fulani the mayor of Enugu, the Sarduana of Sokoto has other ideas. Play the tape a second time and listen as the Sarduana of Sokoto and the head of all Muslims in Nigeria, lay the ground work for what was to come of the dreaded Igbo. Sarduana of Sokoto imperiled the lives of Christian Eastern Nigeria in 1967. He railed against the Igbo as well as all non-Muslims. By the way, do not forget that in those days, the word Igbo meant all the Christian ethnicities in the South East. He did not necessarily mean the ethnic Igbo stock, that was my guess. 

 Ask yourself if anything has changed since 1952? The late Sarduana of Sokoto, Ahmadu Bello was caught on tape, in his own words, telling the world that the Igbo was his problem, that Nigeria as envisioned by the British, will not work. Do any of the present politicians from the East know about this tape? I ask these questions because it seems that the Christians of Eastern Nigeria are tone deaf or politically inept.  

​by Azubike Ekwueme
The Beginning of all Nigeria's Problems.....