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...for the emerging sovereign State of New Biafra

Here is why!
The predictions of Samuel Huntington is becoming apparent in Nigeria. The clash of civilizations between Muslim Nigeria and Christian Nigeria is coming to the crucible. The APC party, (Muslim Yoruba ACN and Muslim Hausa/Fulani CPC alliance) is the party for Muslim Nigeria. It is a Muslim-Muslim party. The PDP party on the other hand, is a democratic party with a small d. For lack of a better alternative party, this is the party a right thinking Christian or animist must support. 

Nigeria is finally fracturing into its natural constituents parts. This is a new phenomenon. A practical separation of religion and ideologies has never happened in the history of Nigeria. But it might actually be a good thing, if we manage it right.

SESS Caucus must be created immediately. Christian SESS must begin to parlay as a regional group in Abuja. If they do, it will become the thunderclap heard around the world. Muslim Nigeria will sit up at once to listen. He who has OIL has power. Get that?

Everybody knows that there are two types of Nigerians. One type sees the world through the Islamo-Sharia outlook, and the other type sees the world through the Judeo-Christian worldview. These two groups of people are incompatible, antithetical and if forced to exist in one nation, bombs begin to go off. This dog won't hunt! I repeat, this dog called Nigeria won't hunt.

SESS must be separated from Muslim Nigeria because it does not belong with Muslims. For over 100 years it has been married to Muslim Nigeria, SESS has inherited the wind. Death, bombings and decapitations are the order of the day. SESS is a Christian and animists nation, that had been conquered and taken prisoner by the Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba/Edo Muslim cabal. Over 50 million Christians have been led captive into OIC. 

We, the SESS must be liberated from Muslim Nigeria so that the East, may begin to rebuild with what is left of the Oil. SESS must leave rich legacy from OIL, for its generations yet unborn. The East must come together to build the "Dubai of West Africa" somewhere  in Eastern Nigeria, to pull our citizens back to the East. How can God give us the greatest gift - OIL, and we simply don't know how to leverage it?  Why is SESS the least developed in Nigeria? Why are their rivers and lands polluted and destroyed by OIL, yet they remain the least developed? Why? 

The end of the age of hydrocarbon is approaching fast. Western Democracies like the US, Canada and EU will become self-sufficient in OIL. They may not need us any more. What will the SESS tell their children? That they had OIL, but it never benefited them? That a fellow black Muslim people defeated them and took away their God given wealth? Oh yes! those questions will eventually be asked. President Goodluck Jonathan and Eastern politicians had better start to think of an answer. 

Why is President Jonathan fighting Boko Haram? Why not turn the whole thing on its head. Let Boko Haram be. Turn your attention to rebuilding the East. And why is he using the Oil money to do so. He knows fully well that Boko Haram can never be defeated, because they get replenished every Friday at the Mosques. So, why are we fighting this foolish war instead of rebuilding the East. We have built Abuja, built Lagos, Ibadan and Kaduna. What have we done for the East? Nothing! 

Take a look at these names; Otedolas, Alakijas, Adenugas, Dangotes. Do you see any Ijaw, Igbo, Ibibio, Efik, or any name of SESS person in dollar Billionaire Club? Yet we have the oil, and our rivers and lands were polluted, damaged only to create billionaires for the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani. These billionaires are now building the EKO ATLANTIC CITY. What is SESS going to do now.